Our Capabilities

Developing advanced therapies that take advantage of our adaptive immune system requires deep profiling of unique T cell responses.  Assessing what T cells are doing and how their phenotypes change in response to specific antigens is necessary to inform drug development.

ImmunoScape has developed new methods for revealing both T cell phenotype and antigen specificity at unprecedented resolution.

UMAP figure

Explore our capabilities for directly and simultaneously observing T cell phenotype,
function, TCR-antigen binding, and more in a single assay.



ImmunoScape’s signature assay, TargetScape™, for Antigen-Specific T-Cell Discovery

TargetScape ™ provides deep immune profiling of antigen-specific CD8 T cells utilizing a novel combinatorial barcoding MHC-tetramer strategy.

This highly sensitive method enables the probing of hundreds of candidate T cell antigen targets in a single sample of unstimulated blood or dissociated tissue, leading to the identification of rare antigen-specific T cells for longitudinal disease immunomonitoring or the evaluation of treatment-associated changes.

ImmunoScape’s Immune Profiling Assay- UltraScape™

UltraScape™ is a cutting-edge immune profiling assay designed to characterize and monitor key immune cell populations over time, using 120 markers in one sample.

With our method, you can simultaneously characterize several immune cell subpopulations, such as T cells, B cells, NK cells, Basophils, HSCs and myeloid cells, to investigate activation, proliferation, differentiation, trafficking, apoptosis, and inhibitory molecule expression. For additional insight generation, the UltraScape™assay may be combined with ImmunoScape’s signature TargetScape™ assay, to screen and identify large numbers of CD8 T cell antigen specificities.

ImmunoScape’s Bioinformatics Platform- Cytographer®

Use ImmunoScape’s powerful, secure, integrated cloud-based bioinformatics platform to address and shed light on your key biological questions.

Cytographer®  enables the processing, analysing and visualizing of high-dimensional single cell data, including the screening and identification of antigen-specific T cells, to generate meaningful biological insights and correlations with clinical parameters. Cytographer® can support CyTOF, flow cytometry and RNAseq datasets, and incorporates methodologies and tools for high-throughput processing, high-dimensional data reduction, immune subset detection, statistics and correlations analysis, as well as state of the art algorithms for biomarker discovery.

Our Impact

Our platform delivers key insights on antigen-specific T cells in studies of immune checkpoint blockade, therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines, and T cell therapy, empowering researchers and drug developers.

Discover novel vaccine, antibody, or cell therapy targets
Evaluate treatment outcomes through longitudinal studies
Design successful clinical trials through efficient patient enrollment
Uncover combinations of predictive biomarkers of disease or treatment efficacy
Demonstrate proof-of-mechanism in tissues of interest