Our Mission

ImmunoScape intends to transform the development of next-generation immunotherapies by building long-term relationships with their partners to provide deep Immunological Insights advancing clinical translation of development efforts.

Our Perspective

As the world seeks to develop advanced therapies that take advantage of our adaptive immune system, a key enabler is deep characterization and understanding of unique T cell responses.

At the heart of this needed understanding is the ability to see what T cell populations are actually doing—how they change as they respond to specific antigens.

We believe that advances in immunotherapies will be unlocked by an ability to directly observe T cell phenotype & function with simultaneous tracking of TCR-antigen binding.

ImmunoScape seeks to partner with the leading Biopharma companies to provide deep immunological insights for their development efforts.


ImmunoScape is the culmination of a flagship effort at multiple world-renowned institutions, leveraging leading scientists from around the world.


Executive Team

Choon-Peng Ng

Chief Executive Officer

Alessandra Nardin, DVM

Chief Operating Officer

Geoff Nosrati

Chief Business Officer

Michael Fehlings, PhD

Director, Scientific Affairs

Mathew Cobbett

VP North America

Romi Chandiramani

Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors

Choon-Peng Ng

Chief Executive Officer

Alessandra Nardin, DVM

Chief Operating Officer

Naonori Kurokawa


David Michael

Anzu Partners

Scientific Advisory Board

An advisory group of world class physicians and scientists support the company.


Evan Newell, PhD

Co-Founder/Advisor, ImmunoScape;
Associate Professor, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Dr. Philip Greenberg

Philip Greenberg, M.D.

Professor, University
of Washington;
Head of Program (Immunology), Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Dr. Paul Thomas

Paul Thomas, PhD

Member, St. Jude
Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, TN

Dr. Patrick Reeves

Patrick Reeves, PhD

Team Leader,
Massachusetts General Hospital