The Deep Immunomics platform integrates single-cell analysis technologies, molecular barcoding,
and cutting-edge bioinformatics for both drug discovery and high-dimensional immune profiling

Technology Immune Cells Analyzed Application
TargetScape® T cells Simultaneous analysis of T cell specificity (100+) and phenotype (40+)
TCR Antigen Profiling T cells Single cell sequencing for analysis of T Cell Receptor sequence, clonality, phenotype, and transcriptome
UltraScape® T cells, B cells, NK cells, monocytes, DCs, etc. Ultra-high dimensional characterization of all key immune cell compartments (up to 120 channels)
Cytographer® All Cutting-edge bioinformatics, statistical analysis, and visualization of single-cell data across the entire Deep Immunomics platform
targetscape chart
Top: TargetScape can be used to detect rare antigen specific T cells, with frequencies as low as 1 in 100,000 CD8+ cells

Bottom: Simultaneously, TargetScape provides comprehensive phenotypic information for these antigen-specific T cells

TargetScape combines mass cytometry and metal-based combinatorial barcoding to simultaneously analyze hundreds of T cell specificities and 40+ phenotypic markers, robustly and at scale

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How We’ve Used TargetScape

  • Identification of novel T cell epitopes for SARS-CoV-2 vaccine development.
    Kared et al., JCI 2021
  • Discovery and characterization of rare neoantigen-reactive T cells with frequencies as low as 1 in 100,000 T cells.
    Fehlings et al., JITC 2019
  • Analysis of optimal immunotherapy combinations in murine cancer models.
    Chiu et al., Gastroenterology 2020
  • Discovery of immune signatures strongly associated with risk of cytokine release syndrome in patients receiving autologous cell therapies.
    SITC poster 2019

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UltraScape extends ImmunoScape’s proprietary technology and expertise in mass cytometry across the entire immune system, allowing for analysis of up to 120 channels per sample

Example Applications

  • Characterization of the whole immune system at scale – analyze multiple immune compartments including T cells, B cells, NK cells, DCs, monocytes, and more
  • Exploration of rare immune cell populations, such as MAIT cells and γδ T cells
  • Combination with TargetScape for the most extensive immune profiling possible, adding T cell specificity on top of the already extensive characterization from UltraScape

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Left: Identification of rare antigen specific T cells from the bulk T cell population

Right:Analysis of the clonal frequency of T cell receptors from these antigen specific T cells using TAP

TCR Antigen Profiling (TAP) combines single cell sequencing and oligonucleotide barcoding for characterization of T Cell Receptor sequence, clonality, phenotype, and transcriptome

Example Applications

  • Discovery of TCR sequences from rare, antigen specific T cells (e.g., neoantigen-reactive T cells)
  • Characterization of T cell transcriptome, clonality and phenotype
  • Combination with TargetScape for end-to-end characterization of T cell populations, starting with bulk cells and focusing single-cell sequencing analysis on prioritized T cell subsets

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Cytographer is ImmunoScape’s proprietary software suite that integrates cutting-edge bioinformatics, statistical analysis, and visualization of single-cell data across the entire Deep Immunomics platform

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Example Applications

  • Identify antigen-specific T cells reliably with Cellular Subset ID using advanced automatic clustering and immune subset detection methods (Phenograph, FlowSOM)
  • Discover differences between cell subsets through ImmunoScape’s breakthrough statistical analysis algorithms
  • Generate insight with complex data reduction and visualization using high-dimensional methods (t-SNE, UMAP, Isomap, Diffmap, OneSENSE, PHATE, PCA)
  • Benefit from algorithms specifically designed for statistical correlation to clinical data using classical statistics and automated method pipelines

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