Cytographer® – ImmunoScape’s cloud-based bioinformatics platform

High-dimensional immune profiling and antigen-specific T cell identification has become indispensable for a comprehensive understanding of the immune response to cancer, infectious- and autoimmune diseases. It has the potential to identify biomarkers and guide the development of therapeutic intervention strategies and vaccines. Cytographer®,  ImmunoScape’s cloud-based bioinformatics platform enables advanced analytics on multi-parametric mass- (CyTOF®) and flow […]

TargetScape® – Identifying and Profiling the Cellular Immune Response

To develop immunotherapies for cancer, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases and other disorders, a need exists for high-dimensional profiling to identify and better understand the role of antigen-specific T cells, the key effectors in many diseases. ImmunoScape’s TargetScape™ can screen and identify antigen-specific CD8 T cells by their recognition of several hundred candidate antigens simultaneously, as well as deeply characterizing their cellular phenotype. 

Read our white paper to find out how TargetScape™ can help lead to lower candidate attrition rates during clinical development, mitigate clinical trial failure risk, support overall drug development strategies and replenish your drug pipeline with new targets and improved drug candidates.