High-dimensional Characterization of the Systemic Immune Landscape Informs on Synergism between Radiotherapy and Immune Checkpoint Blockade

This webinar will focus on how ImmunoScape used high-dimensional, mass cytometry-based immunophenotyping of circulating lymphocytes to compare phenotypic expression across patients and timepoints, and correlate these with post-RT tumor responses. An expansion in activated Ki-67+ CD8+ T cells was observed as a possible outcome of this synergy, thereby providing new insights which may support the development of optimal sequencing strategies.

Detection and characterization of tumor-specific cells using TargetScape

This webinar will focus on immunoSCAPE’s signature assay, TargetScape, to identify and profile the immune response. Dr. Simoni will overview the technology and then focus on specific case studies from recent publications. Our presenter is Dr. Yannick Simoni, Associate-Director of Technology Development at ImmunoScape. Previously a researcher in Dr. Evan Newell’s lab at the Fred Hutch […]

Deep T cell Profiling in Infectious Diseases and COVID-19

immunoSCAPE has the technology to deeply profile multifaceted T cell responses during pathogen infection that may be important for defining both the correlates of protective immunity, and to also identify potentially protective epitopes for incorporation into rationally-designed vaccines.  Today’s webinar will focus on the use of high-dimensional mass cytometry and a combinatorial peptide-HLA tetramer strategy […]

An introduction to ImmunoScape’s approach to identifying and profiling the immune response

High-dimensional immunoprofiling can rationally inform how immunotherapy treatments and vaccines affect and modulate the immune response over time by identifying and quantifying large numbers of different immune cell subsets within blood or tissue samples. To learn more, sign up to receive notifications about ImmunoScape’s new high-dimensional analysis webinar series.

Presented by Michael Fehlings, Ph.D., co-founder and Director, Scientific Affairs, ImmunoScape, the first webinar discussed high-dimensional immunoprofiling citing results from several peer-reviewed publications.