immunoSCAPE partners with organizations around the world to provide deep insights on immune response. We work with academic investigators, clinicians, pharma and biotech companies to publish research, discover and assess new drug candidates, and conduct successful immunotherapy trials.

Our high-dimensional immune profiling help our collaborators address major challenges in immunotherapy and vaccine development:

  • Discover novel therapeutic targets (e.g., neoantigens, molecular targets)
  • Determine biomarkers for patient stratification
  • Identify surrogate markers of treatment efficacy or correlates of vaccine protection
  • Assess treatment biological activity in preclinical and early clinical settings
  • Prioritize combinations and treatment strategies

Fresh perspective on your immunotherapy development pathway

We help you optimize your pipeline in cancer, infectious and autoimmune diseases

  • Replenish drug pipeline with new targets and drug candidates
  • Lower candidate attrition rate during clinical development
  • Mitigate clinical trial failure risk
  • Support overall drug development strategy by providing mechanistic understanding behind clinical trial failure

We are scientists who understand the needs of other scientists in academic, clinical, and industry settings. We are at the forefront of technology, backed by robust operations to meet those needs.

We partner in a variety of ways and build our relationships on our deeply held values:

  • We demonstrate INTEGRITY in our conduct and our work
  • We continuously INNOVATE to solve problems and improve patient outcomes
  • We LISTEN to our partners and colleagues to improve the way we meet needs