ultraSCAPE™: a new method for in-depth profiling of up to 4 different immune cell subsets from the same sample.

ultraSCAPE™ advantages:

  • More information obtained from the same volume of precious blood or tissue sample
  • Up to 4 distinct immune cell subsets profiled with up to 35 markers each: CD4+ or CD8+ T cells, NK cells, B cells, myeloid cells or other combinations
  • Directly correlate changes in immune cell subpopulations within the sample, for example T cell changes and myeloid cell changes 
  • Combine with targetSCAPE™: antigen-specific T cell identification
  • Compatible with barcoding and simultaneous analysis of multiple samples: longitudinal samples, treated vs non-treated samples

The immune response is the outcome of a concerted performance from several cell types, and in-depth profiling of one cell subset may only give a partial picture of an individual immune status. However, limited sample availability sometimes restricts the number of phenotypic analysis that can be run at once.