Multiplex tissue imaging offers important spatial information on cell localization within tissues and provides an alternative method for high-dimensional immune profiling when the tissue specimen is small, for example in the case of tumor biopsies.

In collaboration with the A*STAR-IMCB Immune Imaging Platform, immunoSCAPE offers a state-of-the-art, high-throughput, high-dimensional tissue imaging pipeline powered by AI-pathology. We use a fully automated staining method leveraging the Opal dyes and the Vectra® imaging platform (Lim et al., Pathology 2018).

Perform routine analysis of 6 or more markers in one tissue slide to identify several immune cell subsets within the tumor microenvironment or other tissues: ‘imaging’. Up to 12 or 18 markers can be assessed with serial tissue slides.

A large panel of markers has already been validated for FFPE tissues and is available for immediate application. Please enquire about your markers of interest.

Downstream image analysis includes automated feature identification and quantitation, dimensionality reduction methods such as tSNE, and in-silico reconstruction of cell localization within the tissue, with spatial and distance AI analysis. Expert pathological image interpretation is also provided