Drug Discovery

We see TCR-based therapeutics as a critical part of bringing immunotherapies to a wider range of patients and indications, both within oncology and beyond. The Deep Immunomics platform is ideally suited for the discovery of novel, therapeutically relevant TCRs across a wide array of patient sample types.

  • Screen for hundreds of target epitope candidates per sample
  • Simultaneously obtain rich T cell phenotype data, exploring 40+ surface and/or intracellular markers
  • Combine with ImmunoScape‚Äôs TAP (TCR Antigen Profiling) single cell sequencing technology and extract target-specific TCR sequences for further development into a variety of therapeutics, such as cell therapies and bispecifics

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Ultra-high Resolution Immune Profiling

Developing the next generation of immunotherapies requires an in-depth understanding of immune-modulating effects over the course of treatment. The Deep Immunomics platform can be used to answer critical questions about patient selection, drug mechanism of action, and the underlying biology of the immune system.

  • Explore T cell biology at scale, screening for hundreds of specificities and 40+ phenotypic markers using our TargetScape technology
  • Analyze T cells even more deeply using TCR Antigen Profiling (TAP) to obtain data on TCR sequence, clonality, transcriptome, and phenotype
  • Conduct an extensive survey of the immune system using UltraScape, using 120 channels to explore multiple compartments such as T cells, B cells, NK cells, dendritic cells, monocytes, and more
  • Use this data to understand mechanism of action and optimize development, pairing the right patients with the right drugs and maximizing the chance of success in the clinic

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