ImmunoScape studying immune response to Covid-19

May 21, 2020
The Straits Times - Covid-19

The Straits Times recently interviewed ImmunoScape executives to learn about their current global collaborations to help understand the immune response to Covid-19 and how they can aid vaccine development. 

ImmunoScape at LJI

February 11, 2020
ImmunoScape and LaJolla

ImmunoScape has established an on-site presence at La Jolla Institute of Immunology to support the research needs of their scientists. ImmunoScape provides high dimensional immune profiling using mass cytometry and their proprietary know-how, including tetramer multiplexing technology.

MGH Collaboration

January 22, 2020

Dr Patrick Reeves at the Massachusetts General Hospital is collaborating with ImmunoScape on a pilot study to evaluate flu-specific T cell responses induced in participants taking part in a clinical trial of FluGen’s novel M2SR influenza vaccine using mass cytometry.

UCSF Collaboration

December 17, 2019
ImmunoScape and UCSF Collaboration

Prof. Hideho Okada at the University of California San Francisco is collaborating with ImmunoScape on a study to evaluate the vaccine-specific T cell response induced by a rationally designed vaccine administered to a targeted group of patients with WHO grade II glioma, a form of brain cancer that often progresses into an aggressive high-grade glioma, such as glioblastoma. 

Prof. Okada states “I’m excited to be working with ImmunoScape on this pivotal study. Their platform enables a very comprehensive analysis of CD8 T cells, a key immune cell induced by the vaccine administered to these patients. The monitoring and assessment of these cells in patients might shed some light on their importance in treatment outcomes and drive future vaccine design for this fatal disease with unmet clinical needs.”